…to Iron Grill Burgers, where we take our burgers seriously!

We believe that there’s nothing quite like a good burger to excite, nourish and satisfy the tastebuds! For this reason, at Iron Grill Burgers, we are committed to bringing you the best-tasting gourmet burgers with the freshest ingredients around!

From first bite to the last, we know that quality is the most important ingredient of all! This is why we carefully source all of our products locally, including our halal Angus beef, so you can really taste the difference! Our Flattop Grill also allows even-cooking of all our meats to bring you consistently fantastic flavour. Everything is cooked to the highest standards and all at outstanding value.

With our many combinations of meats, salads and special mouth-watering sauces, you can be sure you’ll find the burger for you! If you’re in the mood for something else, alternatives such as our gourmet hotdogs are also on offer!


We use Nothing
but 100%
Angus Beef


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January 28 at 12:04pm

Hot Wings and Burger Meal Takeaway


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